St. Anthony’s Parish involved in Outreach Project

St. Anthony’s Parish was involved in an Outreach Project during the Advent Season preparing baskets at Christmas. They contributed to 20 needy families within the area. Ms Theresa Swanson, Principal, welcomes and encourages you to come back. Father Paul, St. Anthony’s Church donated a turkey, a bag of potatoes, a box of mandarins; plus they had a food drive and donated grocers. Involved are the teachers, staff, and children. Retired teacher Marie Claire Carpentier is one of the leaders, and permanent teachers Ms. Sullivan, Miss Harder, Miss O’Halloran, did most of the deliveries. Holy Trinity School participated with the Baskets and had 8 Vans of Gifts and food. There were gifts for the parents and children. Among the gifts were candles. In the office they keep a list of the needy families with sizes and things that they may require. Junior Division students helped with the wrapping. Everyone worked hard and many thanks to all who participated and contributed from phone calls to holding the door open. It was a real success.