Toddy the Tomcat and Other Tales

My children’s book: “Toddy the Tomcat and Other Tales” is now available! Writing a children’s book is a great way to let your imagination run wild and let your inner child out to play!

“Toddy the Tomcat and Other Tales” is book of 21 poems written for children. The target audience is children from as young as 3 years old to 8 years old. They are unified by the fact that they all share the same aim, which is to educate and entertain. The poems have many important themes such as prejudice based on skin colour, ethnic diversity, basic manners, the diverse wonderful world of animals and “giggly, silly, fun.”


In the poem “Sally Knows That Skin is Just Skin,” the point is made that skin is just a covering, that there are all types of skin colours and how it is wrong to make fun of other peoples’ skin colour. Ethnic diversity is illustrated in poems such as “May Ling” who is Chinese and her eyes are different but she is just like any other girl. In “Mortadella Sandwiches” the little Italian boy named Giovanni eats mortadella sandwiches at lunch time that the other kids make fun of. The poem conveys the sentiment that there are different ethnic foods that taste good and that not everybody eats baloney. Basic manners are covered in poems such as “Always Say Please” and “Marty’s Open Mouth.” The diverse wonderful world of animals is illustrated in poems such as “Bob the Bear” and “Zowie the Zebra.”

All in all, the poems educate children about these things while written in a way that also entertain as they educate. The sounds of the poems appeal to children so that they have a pleasant auditory experience as they are being read the poems. The poems are beautifully illustrated in colour by artist Eleonora Bekbulatova.  “Toddy the Tomcat and Other Tales” is a didactic and “fun” book!

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You can look at the world with wide eyed wonderment when you view the world through the eyes of your inner child!

by Renato Rizzuti