Max Keeping, Former Ottawa News Anchor, dead at 73

Max Keeping, Ottawa Philanthropist and former Broadcasting Anchor Legend, dies on Oct.1, 2015 after a long struggle with cancer. He was one of Canada’s longest-serving television anchors, led CTV Ottawa’s 6 o’clock newscast for 37 years until his retirement on March 26, 2010. But continued his tireless support of local charities. He underwent surgery in October 2012 for colorectal cancer, in which he had four organs removed, but he maintained a busy community profile, appearing at fundraisers and charitable events. A diagnosis of cancer did not slow him down, or reduce his positive outlook on life. ‘Don’t get hung up, don’t give up. Never give in to a bully. Never give in to this rotten son of a bitch of cancer.’ said Max Keeping

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said, “Ottawa lost an important part of its family today. Goodbye Max.”



7- IMG_5412- Gone but Never Forgotten Max (photo GioVanni)

8- IMG_5441-CHEO child Tyler and Emcee,  James Duthie, host of the NHL on TSN (photo GioVanni)

6 - IMG_5370 - Max Keepig granddaughters, Jordann, Lisa, and Tabetha (photo GioVanni)

5 - IMG_5342 - Ottawa Sens Hockey players (photos GioVanni)

4- IMG_5230 - Sherri Harding sings Hallelujah (photo GioVanni )