Filò Women’s Committee Seeking Nominations for the 7th Annual Women’s Filò Awards

Call for  nominations for awards to be presented at the 7th Annual ItalianWomen’s Filò will be held at St. Anthony’s Soccer Club onThursday March 5, 2009.  

The Filò Women’s Committee is seeking nominations for its three awards.  The Rosa Tiezzi, Maria Ierullo, (established in 2003) and the Jenny Prosperine (established in 2008) Awards recognize women in the Ottawaarea of Italian heritage who are an inspiration and role models for women in theOttawacommunity. Nominees must demonstrate commitment to community service and significant contributions to the Italian community.   Nominations submitted must contain a letter providing information about the nominee and describing, in no more than two pages, why this person is being nominated. This letter must be signed by two people from the community. Other letters of support and related material can be attached.

Nominations should be sent to:

The Filò Women’s Committee      
c/o  Angela Ierullo     
 1287 Rustic Drive     
 telephone 613 828 1807

The deadline for nominations is Friday February 7, 2009