The best of Italian food in Ottawa


Without a doubt, Italian culture has made its biggest impact upon Canadian culture in the domain of cuisine. Luckily for us, this means that Ottawa boasts a number of fine Italian restaurants and cafes, each with their own speciality and unique charm. Each month, Il Postino will undertake to review one or more of the Italian eateries to be found in Ottawa. Its a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

One of my personal favourites is Vittoria Trattoria for its affordable prices and fast service without sacrificing atmosphere. Vittoria Trattoria (825 Bank Street) is located in the Glebe and offers a casual European ambiance. The wonderful thing about the Trattoria is its versitility. It serves as a gelateria, coffee house, restaurant and take-out all in one. Whether I’m dressed up or down, I feel comfortable ordering a full entree, or just popping in to buy some take-out “Nonna’s Balls”, what they call their arancini, rice balls rolled in bread crumbs and covered in parmesan cheese. On warm summer nights, its one of the best places for gelato. I recommend the pistachio and the limone flavours. The menu features many inexpensive sandwiches and snack food, which makes it a perfect lunch spot, as well as moderately priced pasta entrees.

If you know of a great Italian restaurant, share your experience with us! Send your comments or review to Il Postino.