La Vendemmia Car Show!

Photos by Wolfhard Geile

Buon giorno,

It seemed like it were mainly the owners of European, i.e. Italian, classic cars who followed the announcement of “rain or shine” for the classic car show on Preston Street last Saturday. Admittedly even those only numbered in the order of 15 or so parked around Pub Italia and the farmers market area.

Nevertheless, it was just a relaxing event talking to other classic owners, walk along Preston taking in my morning Caffee Latte at the Pasticeria, and chatting with the owner and people at Casa Nicastro doing my shopping - a typical Saturday morning ‘European style’.

And when the classics departed after lunch, even the sun had broken through ...

Attached, just find a few pictures that ended up on the memory stick of my camera of a small line of Fiat’s and a Cinquecento’s lively departure.

Enjoy, and hope to see you at next year’s Vendemmia!