Message from Dalton McGuinty

Dear Friends:

I'm pleased to announce that, tomorrow, we'll be swearing-in our new Ontario Liberal Cabinet. It's an experienced Cabinet that will guide Ontario through global uncertainty by focusing on building a strong Ontario economy. Ontario Liberals know that a strong economy supports the schools that teach our children and the hospitals that heal our families. A strong economy supports the roads we drive on, the communities we live in and the services we depend on, every day. A strong economy creates the good jobs that provide for our families and gives us the confidence we need to get through difficult times. And a strong economy supports a good quality of life for all Ontarians — so it is also a means to that higher end that inspires our greatest efforts: a caring society.

I could not be more proud of the experienced, focused leaders who make up our Cabinet. In fact, all our ministers in the new 22-member cabinet — down from 28 —have previously held cabinet positions.

They are:

Dalton McGuinty: Premier, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs

Jim Bradley: Minister of the Environment

Rick Bartolucci: Minister of Northern Development and Mines, Chair of Cabinet

Dwight Duncan: Minister of Finance, Deputy Premier

John Gerretsen: Attorney General

Chris Bentley: Minister of Energy

Madeleine Meilleur: Minister of Community Safety & Correctional Services, Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs

Harinder Takhar: Minister of Government Services

Kathleen Wynne: Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs

Michael Chan: Minister of Tourism and Culture

Michael Gravelle: Minister of Natural Resources

Brad Duguid: Minister of Economic Development and Innovation

Deb Matthews: Minister of Health and Long Term Care

John Milloy: Minister of Community and Social Services, Government House Leader

Margarett Best: Minister of Consumer Services

Laurel Broten: Minister of Education, Minister of Women's Issues

Linda Jeffrey: Minister of Labour, Minister Responsible for Seniors

Eric Hoskins: Minister of Children and Youth Services

Glen Murray: Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities

Bob Chiarelli: Minister of Transportation, Minister of Infrastructure

Charles Sousa: Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Ted McMeekin: Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

My Cabinet colleagues and I, together with our Ontario Liberal Caucus, will lead with humility, hard work, and with relentless determination and focus to build a better, stronger Ontario for the future.

We will continue to move forward.




Dalton McGuinty
Premier of Ontario