Letters / Lettere

After our first issue was released we got a lot of great fan mail. We love to hear from our readers. here are some of our favourite letters.

Doing a great job

I have just read the first edition of Il Postino (October 2000) and felt that it was important to write and congratulate this “brain child” idea. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and in reading, there were several things that came to mind.

First of all, I think that it is a great idea to attract the many generations of Italians who speak one of the three languages, Italian, English or French. This truly shows a respect for the Italian people and their accomplishments, while at the same time it mirrors the spirit of Canada, a country that respects its people. It is recognized what the Italian people have accomplished, what they are presently doing, and what they will be doing in the future.

I have passed my copy to neighbours and friends of different nationalities, and they too remarked on the paper’s approach. They truly enjoyed reading the articles about people they know and were happy to see that these people were being recognized for their efforts in the community and city.

In addition, this paper crosses language and cultural boundaries and, most importantly, it provides information on the importance of the Italian people and culture in this city and country. For this reason it will only grow. It is no secret how patriotic Italians are and I feel I can say that Italians have proven to be proud Canadians by always recognizing what this great country has given to all its people. It is now time, in some way, to recognize what our parents and grandparents did to make this city great and to continue to build on this spirit.

I especially loved the articles on Mary Ierullo and Mr. Tiezzi, as well as Growing up Italian. The new generations need to hear about our roots and these people including all their humble and hard work before their secrets die. Our elders genuinely enjoy reading about people they know and connect to the present through their past. Many people tore down walls of prejudice and fear so that we can have it easier. Many will also recognize the importance of Italian women in the 1950s, breaking the rules, and how difficult it must have been. We all should honour Mary Ierullo and her devotion. Bravo Mrs. Ierullo! Thank you Il Postino for starting to document some of our great history.

—R.M., Ottawa


Colgo l’occasione per congratulare Lei ed i suoi collaboratori per questa iniziativa che sicuramente contribuirà al progresso della nostra comunità ed alla promozione della lingua, della cultura e dei valori italiani nella comunità canadese e nel vilaggio globale. Congratulazioni, buon lavoro ed i migliori auguri.

—Luciano Pradal

I had to tell you...

I just had to tell you how much I en joyed reading your article Grow ing up Italian; it was a trip down memory lane. I also had my husband and sons read it. They too thought it was great. It was reminiscent of many happy times. Good luck on the success of Il Postino.

—Gloria (Asquini) Bortolotti

What a pleasure

What a pleasure it was to re ceive a first issue of ll Postino. I read it from A to Z, all the French and English articles since my Italian is not up to par.

I was laughing out loud when reading “Growing up Italian”. I married into the culture but have lived through many similar circumstances.

I found the format and typesetting quite interesting. The only disappointment I had was, that I couldn’t read all the articles and also that my inlaws could not read the article about Mary Ierullo, the woman who sold them their first house in Ottawa. My suggestion would be to do a shorter version in Italian for the benefit of all those who still don’t converse in any other language but Italian.

Keep up the good work. Congratulations, congratulations for a job well done.

—Diane Ladisa