Watsonia artist Marcello D’Amico exhibits at Montmorency’s Busybird Studio Gallery

The beauty and mystique of women is captured in the latest exhibition of works from award winning Watsonia artist Marcello D’Amico

Almost all of the 73-years-old artist’s drawings, paintings, watercolors, ceramics, sculptures and poems celebrate the beauty of the female form.

"I've tried to bring out the essence, femininity and sensuality of the figure by focusing on female bodies of all ages, creating an illusion that the viewer is admiring a woman in her own private environment, without pretences and artificiality, "D'Amico said.

"I do not intend to detract from various representations of woman, but wish society to see her in all her forms, rather than a single stereotype."

Marcello D’Amico is exhibiting his art in Montmorency. Picture: Kylie Else

Marcello D’Amico is exhibiting his art in Montmorency. Picture: Kylie Else


D'Amico, who has been married to Pauline for 43 years, said he was "dedicated to women" and his exhibition was a mini-retrospective of his life.

"Women are very inspiring," he said. "I don't even talk about equality because it shouldn't be an issue."

Italian-born D'Amico has also incorporated the colors of his birthplace into his "female landscapes".

"Even though my work id mainly inspired by my birthplace — the Aeolian Islands — I consider my works universal and they are aimed at a universal audience," he said.

"The volcano Stromboli, on the island where I lived for three years is the small village of Ginostra, left an indelible impression on me. The palette of red, yellow and blue is strongly influenced by the fiery outbursts that were part of my everyday experiences. The sensuality of women ... Is embraced in my colored drawings where they feel, and are, free.

By: Natalie Filmer