Giovanni Gets Up Close With Buddy Valastro

Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro Invites Ottawans To Get Baking With Canadian Tire.


No better time to learn how to “bake like a boss” with Canadian Tire’s Cake Boss Baking Collection, currently available in stores across the country. The one-of-a-kind bakeware line offers a range of products from bakeware and decorating tools to serving dishes and cake carriers. Inspired by the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro, star of the hit TLC series, the collection is designed to provide home bakers with everything they need to produce a Cake Boss quality dessert.

The Cake Boss Baking Collection features bright colours and unique designs that are both appealing to the eye and offer consumers some of Buddy’s best tips and tricks. Unique features include cake pans with a quilted pattern on the bottom that allow even heat release and durable aluminized steel cookie sheets with drop zones to create the perfect sized cookie every time.

“Canadian Tire is a natural fit for launching my new Cake Boss Baking Collection to Canadian fans and consumers,” said Valastro. “We have a lot in common from solid roots to years and years of experience. Together we can prove that anyone can become a baker given the right tools and a few Cake Boss tips.”

Canadian Tire has long-been Canada’s store for countless items including kitchen appliances, gadgets and tools. With the introduction of the Cake Boss Baking Collection, Canadian Tire is making their mark as Canada’s Baking Store and will continue to grow in this area going forward.

“We are thrilled to be launching the Cake Boss Baking Collection at our stores across the country in time for the holiday baking season. This collection will provide families with fun in the kitchen as the cold weather comes and they move their activities indoors,” says Greg Hicks, Senior Vice President, Merchandising, Canadian Tire. “We are delighted to be the exclusive retailer of this collection in Canada and we’re excited to offer this unique, high quality line to our customers.”

Giovanni - Why did Cake Boss and Canadian Tire come together on this collection?

Buddy Valastro - Canadian Tire and I have a lot in common: we both have solid roots, years and years of experience, and we’re both always looking for new ways to grow and evolve, so it seemed like the perfect fit. Plus, Canadians already turn to Canadian Tire to provide them with the solutions for the jobs and joys of everyday life, now they can turn there for all their baking needs too.

GWhat is so special about the Cake Boss Baking Collection of products?

BV - The Cake Boss Collection is one-of-a-kind; you won’t be able to find a bakeware collection anywhere else that not only looks great, but allows you to create masterpieces at home and become a boss in the kitchen. After spending my life in the bakery, I know it’s the little details, like measurement conversions on the scraping spatula and drop zones on cookie sheets that can make the difference between an easy and a difficult baking experience. My goal with the collection was to give everybody the chance to get into the kitchen, no matter their skill level.

G - What kind of items are offered in the exclusive Cake Boss line?

BV - The collection contains tools, gadgets, pans, ceramics and servingware - basically everything you need to create and serve your baked goods, and all at great prices too, making it accessible for everyone.

G - What has been your favourite creation in your career thus far?

BV - One of my favorites has to be the Transformers cake. That cake was on a whole other level from what we’d done before. It was definitely a challenge, but I loved the way it turned out.

G - What would your fans be surprised to know about you ?

BV - I’m a huge fan of Frank Sinatra. I love his music and come on, he’s from Hoboken!

G - Tell me about your Italian roots ? where are your parents from ?

BV - My father is from Sicily and my mother is from Altamura. They made sure all the kids stayed connected to our roots. We still carry on family traditions that started decades ago.

G - If you could have another career, what would it be and why ?

BV - You know, there’s nothing else that I’d rather be doing. There are tough days every now and then, but I’ve never thought twice about doing something else.

G - Your all-time favourite food is ?

BV - I love a good slice of pizza. It’s perfect on a busy day when I don’t have much time to eat.

G - Who is your Hero and why ?

BV - My father has always been my hero. He was my best friend, confidant, teacher. He showed me what it takes to be a successful baker, businessman, husband and father. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him.

G - With the holidays coming up how do you spend them ?

BV - With the whole famiglia! My whole family comes over and we have this huge meal together. I always look forward to it.

G - What is your 2014 New Years Resolution?

BV - This is the year that I’m going to work out more. It’s hard to find the time when things get busy, but I’m going to be much better about it this year.