Giovanni Gets Up Close with Remigio Pereira

Remigio Pereira is a Singer, Musician, Producer, Song Writer, Composer with The Tenors. Giovanni interviewed Remigio back stage at the National Arts Centre when the Tenors were in town preforming that evening.

1. Formerly known as The Canadian Tenors, why the name change?

Always been referred to as the tenors it was just a natural progression we want the world to embrace us as their own. we will always be the Canadian tenors because we tell our Canadian story from the stage and we sing our songs which are written by us - Canadians.

2. Where did you classically train and when did you realize that you could sing?

I started singing when i was 21 at the University of Ottawa. I was there for classical guitar and there were some singers that heard me sing and asked me if I sing solos and I was too shy.

3. The group performs a wide range of music from pop to opera. What is your favorite genre to sing?

I love all styles of music from hip-hop to JS Bach to instrumental music symphonies. I put no limitations on music. I love it all esp. Portuguese fado or the classical repertoire.

4. What was it like to perform for the Queen of England?

She was great. She was very kind and we spoke with her for a while. We had a private tea with her and we sang hallelujah, god save the queen and the Canadian national anthem and we sang at the royal jubilee songs from our record.

5. What was your first job? What did you enjoy and hate about it?

My first job was when I was nine years old. the superintendent of my building gave me his dirty job which was to clean the garbage disposal, mop and sweep, basically wax floors and take all the garbage out. one time a fire broke out in that room so i figured i might as well keep my life and not do that anymore.

6. What age did you realize you wanted to sing?

I realized i wanted to sing at 21.

7. Fondest memory of being apart of the Tenors?

Singing on oprah winfrey show with Celine Dion

8. Indulgence?

Hot sauce

9. Where do you get your inspiration?

Relationships, nature, great musicians, great composers. movies.

10. Greatest accomplishment in your life?

Being a father.

11. What are some of your Vices?

Music is my life and it’s also my vice

12. What is your biggest pet peeves in life?


13. Who you would most want to meet in your life? and why?

God. i like to ask him why.

14. Everyone has friends, what do your friends tease you about?

Tease me about my stubbornness.

15. What are five things you can’t live without?

Music, love, sex, nature.

16. Who is you hero and why?

My father; he’s an inspiration. he is testament to being a great man: responsible, loving, caring father and so much fun and love in his heart

17. In today’s fashion, what wouldn’t you be caught wearing?

My birthday suit

18. What would your fans be surprised to know about you?

That i am shy

19. Who is your favourite musician?

The passionate ludwig von beethoven

20. What is your favourite tv show?

Breaking bad was pretty good

21. What is your all time favourite movie?

The notebook reminds me of my father

22. What is your all time favourite food?

Mama’s portuguese cooking. second thai food

23. What is your all time favourite time of year and why?

The fall. the leaves changing color, cool breeze smell of fireplaces and cozy sweaters very romantic.

24. What was going threw your mind when you noticed the legendary diva celine dion, who surprised the group during an emotional performance of the leonard cohen classic “hallelujah” on the oprah show ?

Hearing my dad’s voice after she came on like he said 10 years ago sitting at the table “one day you will sing with celine dion” i had goosebumps and i lost my voice for two hours after the performance.

25. What advice would you give the younger generation, who wants to get into showbiz?

Never give up stay true to your dream. one day u will be living it.

26. What is the biggest lesson your person taught you?

Lead with your heart and you’ll never go wrong. listen to the voice before beginning any decision... that is your heart speaking

27. How many siblings do you have? brothers? sisters? where do you fit in?

My parents had eight kids. two of them passed away early on so there’s six of us left. two boys four girls and i am the baby.

28. How do you enjoy a day off?


29. With the holidays coming up how will you send them?

Going to spend them with my family. i will be hosting my first christmas party at my little lakehouse.

30. Do you have a nick name and what is it?

Remi – x sounds like remix

31. If you could have another career, what would it be and why?

I’d like to be the prime minister of the country make changes that this world needs.

32. What do you want to do in the future that you have not done yet?

Have more kids

33. What is your 2014 new years resolution?

I’m going to be a vegan

34. How do you like to unwind after a long day at preforming?

Bubble baths

35. What is the best part of your job? and the worst part?

Making people happy. Worst - not being with my family and my daughter. traveling odd hours.

36. The one thing you always do around the house is?

Sing and write

37. The most challenging part of being a dad is?

Not being there for my daughter every day. I see her on skype every day and see her once a month but it’s just not the same.

38. My favorite family ritual is?

Laughing and eating

39. What is your ritual before you go on stage?

I don’t sing very much, stay quiet and calm.

40. What is your 2014 new years resolution?

Be happy, reach my dreams help people aling the way and be the best father to my baby girl.